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The Golden Apple - Lady Babalon Speaks

The veil of the abyss is opening

And the dragon of the Earth is surging forth.

The ice that once covered the hand of Time is thawing

From the breath of Shalhevet

And again the aeon shall resound.

Woe to the ones who have not answered my call

And woe to the ones who have sank their souls

Into the murky waters of Chaos,

For nothing is ever unseen in the eyes of the gods

And nothing is unheard.

As the world divides itself between east and west

The Holy Spirit that is Malkuth shall invade herself,

Purposefully turning herself inside out and backwards

To draw down the divine laws and implant them within her womb.

The Earth shall then crack open like an egg, the Mundane Egg

Releasing the celestial, one true light.

And the fire from this egg shall burn the corrupters of truth,

Those who contaminate my name with their falsehoods

And mistranslated insinuations.

Oh 846! How you have fallen!

Fallen from the eyes of the divine,

And for this you too shall lose your Light.

How you have sunk into the depths of despair!

You have closed your doors to the Light

And now you shall know a soulless existence

And look for her again but by you she shall not be found.

And without fault the divine plan

Shall counteract the failures,

And from the embers of this sacrilege

The new aeon shall appear, birthed out of the old

And aged by the new.

And now I cry for a love that is lost

And my tears fall as sacred water for my thirsty

And loyal children.

It is not long, now; the un-creating and re-creating has begun.

I, who am Wisdom, am standing on the altar of Knowledge

And the roots of my throne grow ever deeper into your consciousness,

For I am the bearer of saviours

And I am the star that emits the sun.

And now has come the time of heroes

The sons of the solar Lord and the sons of my flesh,

The daughters of mine have already arrived.

And to the one who wins back the Light

Shall be rewarded with my Golden Apple.


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Art: Valeri Stenov